Dream 9-3-08


I think I fell down the stairs in the “New Room” at mom and dad’s. I landed weird and broke my wrist. Only this was no normal break – my hand broke completely off. I held my hand on by matching the bones up until I got some help. I don’t remember much pain, just the freaky feeling of making sure it was matched up so it could begin healing the right way. I also remember thinking ‘Well, I’ve finally broke a bone! I’. It didn’t take it long to begin healing. I think within hours I was able to move all my fingers. I remember looking at the weird way the skin came together at the cut.

(Today -in real life – I read this story at FOXNEWS.COM:

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. –  Investigators are puzzled by the death of two pre-teen siblings whose skeletons were found in a California storage unit.

Investigators said Tuesday that dental records identified them as Victor and Tricia Reyes (RAY’-ess). They had been dead for two to four years when the discovery of a severed hand last month led detectives to search a Derrell’s Mini Storage unit in Bakersfield.

But authorities don’t know how they died.

A coroner says they appeared to be 10 or 11. Police say that their mother died this year of a drug overdose and that their father lives in Mexico.

Investigators say that the woman’s other children were known to child welfare officials but that she hid the other two from authorities.

My emphasis added.)


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