Proverbs of Josh 9-24-07

24 Sep 2007

The Proverbs of Josh


The more you want something, the further it runs, the less attainable

Rainy days can extinguish hope, or make me contemplative

People admire strong character and stability, but they desire adventure and impulsiveness

It is good to be nice, but people would rather the approval of the rude

Possibilities are not possibilities at all unless acted upon; only one opportunity can be acted uopn at a time

Seeking wisdom has its rewards, but jealousy of the unwise is slow to leave

The Lord hates arrogance and equally do I, it’s even more disgusting when I find it in me

Melancholy is bittersweet

Strength and wisdom are admirable, but instant gratification is more desirable

Contemplation and introspection have gotten me nowhere

Passion is a difficult fire to light, even more difficult to spread

Leaders are few because great is their responsibility and lonely is their plight

Though my morality is for the Lord, the approval of people I seek

Though people care little and infrequent, I seek their approval over the Lord

The key to fulfilment is the application of talents and gifts given to us by our Heavenly Father

The perception of time shrinks as you get older

An attrocity will be remembered for a lifetime, a miracle for a day

Everyone thinks their situation is unique, everyone wants to be heard

New technology is 10 percent innovation and 90% persuasion of necesssity

You may not desire to be punctual, but everyone waiting on you wishes you to desire to be

When people leave my life I am sad for a time and then learn to live without them, but I have found they are never replaced and always welcome back

Many points are made in an argument, one conclusion made in each of the partcipants mind, and only one truth

In the end truth needs not persuasion, only revelation

Purity has little earthly reward and the days of the impatient are filled with instant gratification

Envy of the wicked comes easily, envy of the pure comes in hindsight

Quiet waiting and decernment can be confused with weak passivity

It is the man’s job to pursue the lady, her job to leave a trail

A girl’s “no” looks a lot like her “hard to get”

Rejection is like a bitter drink, a blowing out of a candel in a man’s soul

Hope is a choice to be made in the face of impending struggle

To grow up is to face struggle, to embrace the mundane

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, rain comes down on the righteous and unrighteous alike


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