Five Face Down – (2005 Five Face Down Inc./Paradice/Hot Lunch Music)

Out of the ashes of former bands, SMA, God’s House and Kerusso rises Five Face Down. On this, their first full length release Five Face Down display their experience gained in former pursuits as musicians. The CD was recorded in drummer Kevin Decker’s own studio Paradice Studios but could have been recorded at Island Records for all we know. The production is clean and tight revealing the guitar work of Jared Johnson and Alex Case along with the veteran timing of Decker himself. Usually bass can easily be overlooked and recorded “muddy” but we hear the aggressive bass licks of Anthony Cooper crystal clear. Evidently influenced by U2’s bono, we hear lead singer Troy Behren’s passion as a singer on tracks like “Face Down” and “If”. Lyrically the songs dig into the member’s faith and attempt to encourage as well as state their position as Christians. The disc has an underlining heavy edge with aggressive guitar licks, distortion pedal tricks and a few studio tricks thrown in for good measure. Stand out tracks are “Leave it all Behind” and “If”. Support the local scene and pick up their self titled disc at


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