MxPx – Panic – (2005 SideOneDummy Records)

Tom, Mike and Yuri seemed to have packed up their punch and settled down for family life on their last release “Before Everything and After” Then they went home and listened to “Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo” and decided they haven’t used up all their MxPx brand extra loud punk rock just yet. Evidence of the return of a more aggressive sound is found on songs like Cold Streets, The Story and Get Me Out. Don’t think this is one of those “We better redo an old favorite album to stay popular” though. Panic is an all new offering with new experimentation heard in Cold Streets and Late again when they infuse some good old string bending rock and roll.

If you love the typical singable melodies MxPx has mastered, never fear, this album has melody as well.  One such song is Wrecking Hotel Rooms which features guest Mark Hoppus of Blink 182. Another is Kicking and Screaming which will stick in your head all day.

It may have seemed like MxPx was taming on their last record, but Panic proves MxPx is still packing a pop punk punch!

-Josh Anderson


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