What is Christmas

Look out your window and you see the world before you. A hard tangible world that you can touch, feel, know. You are thinking, processing and drawing conclusions. Very few people debate reality, and the ones who do, have to explain away their own conscience, the very fact that they say reality is but a dream.
All this got here one way or another. Random chance? Or maybe this moving process of the universe from the beginning to now, evolution or whatever…maybe it is intelligent…maybe we can call it God. I have a higher intelligence than a bear, a fish or even a dolphin, and so it’s not hard to imagine an intelligence higher than me. I understand the difference between 2 and 3 dimensions, the ape does not. Therefore, I can easily believe in a Creator that understands the 8th, 9th, 80th dimension.
*  *   *   *
Turn on your TV, open your newspaper, and you see brokenness, hurt, pain, destruction. Maybe by giving us free choice, God had to allow the wrong choice. People are murdering others as I speak. Suicide bombers exploding, people chanting their hate of another people, someone is being tortured by having their nails ripped off with pliers, a little girl in Uganda is raising her brothers and sisters because both her parents and all of her grandparents are dead from aids, someone’s sister just got raped by someone she thought she trusted, someone’s sweet grandmother was robbed of everything she owned, and on and on and on. Where is God in all of this? Who is going to see to it that the thieves, murderers and rapers get punished?
Maybe God had a plan. Maybe He kept a delicate balance of free choice, while at the very same time invading the natural world to fix everything. Maybe He gritted His teeth and did what He knew had to be done. Maybe He came into the human race so that He could grow up and show us that it could be done. We can love everyone while holding on to truth, making a living and being humble. We can hang out with the dirtiest, the most hate filled, the murderous without becoming one of them.
‘God, you don’t understand, this hurts” you say. ‘Yes…I do’ He says back. ‘God, I’ve been humiliated by everyone, I’ve been beaten, people hate me…you just don’t understand.” From Jesus Christ’s bloody face he manages to say ‘Yes, I do.” as He, being the Son of the Creator stepped down from the highest place to not only walk on our territory, but experience the worst kind of rejection and hatred our humans have to offer. ‘Why are you doing this, Son of God?’ you ask. And He says back “I make all things new. I love you and want you back”
*   *   *
I’ve gotten to the point where I really don’t like Christmas anymore. I hate the cold short days and driving on ice and snow pack. I hate all the red and green things they sell everywhere. I’m sick of all the old classic Christmas songs. I’m not a kid anymore and so the allure of getting and opening gifts has gone, especially when I open obligatory presents that are things I neither need nor want. What is Christmas and why do we have do go through it every year?
I find when I get into that mindset, I need to screw up my thinking, shake it all up and look at this all way different. Cleanse my mind of Santa, Christmas trees, stockings, colored lights, reindeer, jingle bells and start out with a blank slate.
As a Christian I celebrate Christmas for the birth of a Jew 2000 years ago that I believe was God incarnate coming to live His life and reconcile this whole mess. So what the heck does a tree, Christmas carols (like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer), elves, wrapping paper, bows, cookies and eggnog have to do with this? I need, I MUST think about what the birth of Christ was, what it means to me and every person who lived and will live. Christ, the Messiah, the Savior, was born as prophesied as the most important step in God’s plan to redeem us. We all, given free choice chose wrong and now He’s mid plan in fixing that.
No one knows how much of humanity, this world, or time itself is left. But when I get my head right about this, it’s an exciting time. It’s time time to party because the King’s plan is motion and we’re all a part of this story. Hope this in some way helped you to get the right mindset too.


What do you think??

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