The planet takes another spin around the sun and from our perspective the sun rolls from the eastern horizon to the western. And it’s under this sun that our lives are played out. Each year more of our innocence is worn off a little more; we know more pain, more struggles. Our nieve hope of a happy carefree life is extinguished as we are faced with more trials, even when we have tried to live right and avoid the consequences of wrong choices. This year was such for me.

Things got off to a bang with Rachel’s annual Black & White & Bling party when Albina and I hung out talking long after the last friend left. It was only 12 days later when I asked her out to sushi at no Coast. It was nice to have “someone” on my birthday.

I sacrificed snowboarding with my “homies” to go with Albina several times.

In mid January 3 van loads of us young adults headed out to Los Angeles to Passion 2008.

In early February my Thursday night Bible Study began collecting money for a Blood:Water Mission Well and will finish out this year with less than $600 to go!

On Valentine’s day I was going to treat my first real valentine to a surprise dinner in Glenwood when we pulled over on I70 and were rear ended by a guy who fell asleep at the wheel. My Honda was totalled, Albina’s right was shattered and it was most of the year before things were even close to normal again.

In March I went to Ensenada Mexico again to build a home for a family who’s home burned down.

In April my friend Jamin helped me go to Denver and find my Toyota Tacoma to replace my Honda.

In April I participated in Sharefest by designing a mural that our high school youth group helped me paint down in Riverside.

In late April early May I went to Cancun with Albina. First vacation with a girlfriend – oooo scandalous!

As soon as we got back from Cancun we had a Mobster/Mafia themed party for Daniel & Rachel’s birthdays.

Albina and I went hiking and biking a lot.

In May Albina, her sisters and I went to Maroon Bells.

In June we had the first annual Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle gun shoot.

In July I took Albina to Rifle Falls for our 6 month

Went to a Superchick, Disciple, KJ52 concert.

In July I bought my motorcycle

Rode over the Monument with Aric & Wes on our motorcycles.

Sometime in the summer Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle released Hits From the Future and soon after, the Greatest Hits album.

In August I went up to Land’s End with Albina and her mom.

In August my Thursday night Bible Study peoples and I went camping near Moab and hiked up to Delicate Arch. After that we cooled off in the river.

Saw Josh McDowell with Jeremy Riddle at the Avalon.

Went camping with Chad, Lawrence, Josie, Stevo & TJ up near Rifle Falls.

In September I hike a ton of trails on the Monument that I hadn’t done yet.

In September after Liz’s going away party we all loaded up in a car and drove out to Palisade where we took turns milking Stevo’s goats.

My dad gave me his Winchester 92 Classic 3030.

Played a little paintball (even less than last year)

I rode a camel at Fruita Fall Fest.

One weekend in September my Bible Study people and I hiked near the petroglyphs, watched the air show (from outside of it) and went up on the Mesa for Color Sunday.

In October I was innocently monkeying around in a tree in our backyard when a branch snapped. I fell over 10 feet straight on my head breaking a facet in my cervical spine. The nerves pinched not only caused the most pain I have ever felt, but immobilized my fingers.

Dressed as a bull rider for Halloween to accommodate my neck brace.

In November I had my first surgery, an anterior cervical fusion.

In November my old friend Aaron, who is a film writer and director called me up and had me & my brother in a scene of the low budget art film he’s working on. Later he had me come and help with editing.

In December I went to Lawrence’s annual wine party but coudn’t have any wine due to all the narcotics I’m on.

Went to the second annual Ugly Sweater Party at Nate’s where Daniel won with his teal Grandma sweater.

And we finished off the year with Rachel’s 4th Annual Black & White & Bling New Year’s Eve Party!


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