Charles’ World

“There are so many more cars on the road,” Grandpa had said
His words like pearls cast before swine
For the world we knew was normal and we looked not ahead
Until we had our own children we didn’t see the incline
First it was the major cities where autos were said to be dead
Then even desolate highways where walking was faster & more streamline

“There are so many more people in the street,” our great great grand kids had said
Their words suffocated by people who moved like bovine
For the people of their time knew no thinner population of biped
And soon even the shoulder to shoulder every day was fine
Then came that fateful day, Charles’ world reached it’s height instead
All of civilization on the planet became gridlocked from shoreline to shoreline
Without any guidance, no master plan, evolution simply spread
Society found itself left hanging with no escape, no design

The End


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