Dream 4-18?-09

It was night and I was walking up a neighborhood street with a tennis court to my right. The lights were on and there were several highschool or a little older aged  kids in there. I noticed thed was red paint all over the grass between me and the tennis courts. I reached down and got the red all over my hand and at that same time a car passing by came really close to me. In jest I slapped the back of the car with my messy hand and hoped they would think it was blood. One of the kids came out of the tennis courts and picked up a brush sopped with the red paint. He threw it at the next passing car. The driver got pissed off and whipped a U. He stopped his car on the side of the street, got out and pointed a gun at the kid. I think he a had one or two guys with him and they all looked kind of like gang members. He shot the kid and as the kid’s friends ran up to try and fight them they got gunned down too. I thought they’d think I was one of the kids and shoot me too, so I dropped down into the deep grass and played dead. They saw me and ran up to where I was and put the pistol to my head. “What’s up?” they asked me. Realizing they knew I wasn’t dead I acted like I just woke up. “Nothin’ I was just sleeping here,” taking my chance I quickly grabbed the barrel of the gun forcing it off my forehead. I got up and manged to get my finger behind the trigger. I think I was successful in discharging all the rounds thus disarming him. Then I woke up.


What do you think??

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