The Blessing and Curse of the Analyzer

I have recently been confirmed in my assumption that I am an analyzer. I have always been introspective and a person who “thinks too much”. I see too many possible outcomes/answers to every situation and problem. This has a negative side as well as a positive.
It means I have a hard time being black & white on issues, it means I am indecisive. I think of the normal set of pros and cons, but then go on to examine “sub” pros and cons of those pros & cons. I fret over things that need not be worried about because I feel like I have good reason to be concerned.
The blessing is that in many situations, I feel like the analyzer experiences a depth in life most people are content to pass over. Where as most people are seeing & processing squares, I am taking on cubes. If the brain were like a computer, then my RAM would be more busy processing this extra information and slowing the computer down. But in the end, I feel I have a more deeply rooted, and more well thought out perception because of it. I’m just sayin’.


One thought on “The Blessing and Curse of the Analyzer

  1. It seems to me after reading your blog that you enjoy the analyzer inside of you. You seem to feel that you are a deeper thinking person and that works for you.

    I too used to analyze everything to death. Now, I just try to stay more positive that the outcome will be good. I just tell myself that while I am working out the issues that the end result will be a good one.

    I enjoyed reading this. You write very well.


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