Teaching Me to Fly

I want you to fly with me and see what I found. Last night, again I closed my eyes zoned out of this world and I found myself sitting on an endless beach with a rhythmic breeze caressing my face. God said He wanted me to see some things and feel some things and so I told him I would try hard to focus and not be distracted. I concentrated and let the beat move through my body. Then I started to feel it..at first I was watching a faceless man and then I realized it was me. God revealed to me or reminded me that He is the creator and He made my body for a quite a bit more than I have ever used it for. I moved my arms and legs in synchronization with washes of sound around me. A female voice so delicately hummed a melody and my body lifted off the sand. I started to feel the space around me as I rotated backward. Anything that was subconsciously a boundary before was loosening. As God saw me get more comfortable & learn where I was He slowly introduced new elements. Now beams of light came form infinity outward to me. I started to understand how to deflect them, turn them and bend them. I controlled them like musical instruments. Then I saw that I could change the color of everything around me. At first I changed myself & all the land around me black & white fully contrasted but left the lights colored like rainbows. Then I saw an orb of pulsating light and I felt like if I could fly in big circle and then head straight into I could manipulate it. When I flew around and hit it, it intensified. So I did it again and again until sparks, and then chunks of light flew off of the core and outward. I tried to scatter them and then punched them and watched them sail over the horizon.
The music carried me and I flew over moonlit clouds at a tremendous speed, in fact I felt no limit to how fast I could fly. I raced the beam of light. I imagined her on my back & then I felt her like a ghost materializing. She stretched her arms out with mine and rested her head next to mine. He hair flow in unison with the wind. Together we flew around this world and explored its forests, its mountain ranges and its oceans. When we flew over the water I dipped us in causing a tail wake behind us. We started to enter a lush green forest but suddenly I felt her disappear. Her essence faded, and then the music did too. I fell from the sky and then opened my eyes. It was a dream, all it ever is is a dream.


What do you think??

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