The Practicality of Imagination

A mind guided by reason seeks efficiency coupled with purpose in all human endeavor. For rationality has measured this waning physical apparatus and seen its potential stacked against its remaining conscious functioning hours and can only react with utmost urgency. When this urgency has taken precedence in our minds we then seek out either the best way to live a meaningful life through philanthropy or to quail the desires of the flesh through self gratification.

In either situation, this reasoned mindset, at the height of its lucidity sees no use for fantasy, no need for creativity for the sake of creativity; if the mind should have a proclivity to daydream, then it should be inventing either a cure for cancer or a new form of entertainment that will rival what we now know in terms of pleasure & money earning power.

The question then, is the capability of creating something new (first in the mind and later, depending on the strength of the idea, expressed through art, music or writing) a vestigial mirage of the conscious left over from evolution? Or is it one of the most fascinating tools built into God’s sentient creatures to draw us to Him? For what animals, what lands, what stories have been perceived by the mind’s eye that God has not not known? What score has been composed and never released from the confines of some person’s imagination that would have even its first note without God’s same creative force that knit together the composer?

There is a tendency, even in those more endowed with creativity to view the things of the imagination (especially those not yet outwardly expressed) as something less than “real” and certainly less than “useful”. But if we take on the latter belief, that even the wildest manifestation of a creative mind has its roots in the same hands that laid the foundations of the earth, then we must assign higher importance to these ideas. It would benefit us to ponder the reasons for such a gift.

Perhaps you have heard or read C.S. Lewis’s quote from Mere Christianity “If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” I’m truly beginning to see imagination as our feeble cerebral attempt to peer into a bridge-world between our present materialistic realm and a coming immersion in an infinite spiritual reality for those being regenerated by Christ.


What do you think??

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