Could You Kill A Moose? – October 1, 2010

With your bare hands?

First I would imagine you would take off your gloves, because you need bare hands.
Second, you would need to go where the mooses are: Alaska most likey. Although there are a few around here though I think they are endangered and you’d get in big trouble for killing one.
Third: why would you want to kill a moose? Do humans eat moose meat? Maybe you need a coat rack? Or a moose fur coat? I know Mink is frowned upon for coats, but is Moose?
Fourth, think about sneaking upon the moose or maybe dropping down on it from a tree.
Meece are VERY LARGE aminals, so think about that. You don’t get a gun or knife. Or a rope. This is…this could be EXTREMELY difficult. No, it WILL. Your only option suffocation. So you must be strong enough to asphyxiate the moose around the neck.
Or I don’t know, maybe you can kick it in the ribs hard enough to puncture a lung.

I don’t know, OK? Just forget it.

Anyone know what Moose Burger tastes like? I’m hungry.


What do you think??

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