Debating Calvinism Five Points, Two Views by Dave Hunt, James R White- reviewed 1-28-10

Covering both sides of this debate, this intense book helped clarify what Calvinism is all about. I still find myself on the side of non-Calvinsit, however, I must admit there is strong Biblical evidence for Calvinism (or most of it) I have compared this debate to looking at an MC Escher drawing in which a plane that objects & characters positioned can be viewed as the ceiling & the floor simultaneously…or concave AND ex-cave. In some ways I think we’re talking about the same thing in different lights regarding foreknowledge of God & predestination. Probably unlike people staunchly on one side or the other I truly believe Christians in both camps are saved, we just have a different way of seeing how our salvation came about.


What do you think??

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