Facts – June 15, 2010

I heard that most facts are made up by the internet. Here are some facts:

George Washington grew heroin leaves

Bamboo has been noted to grow 1000 feet

40% of all men are poisoned daily by their wives at breakfast & given an antidote when they get home each evening.

Coffee grounds are actually ground up cocoa beetles.

Human intestines, when unraveled can be wrapped around the Earth 60 times if pulled taught enough.

Croquet was the first sport to allow janitors to play with royalty and use animals for caddies

A carbon footprint can be made with a boot as well as the bare foot

Kissing can cause high levels of carbonation

Sir Isaac Franklin was the inventor of the apple pie, 3-legged sack races, winking, single-ply toilet paper, radish juice, sponge shoes, “puree” on the blender, trash cans with foot petals, silk worms, ice packs, lamp shades, hand turkeys and wrote many books including “The Great Platypuss Detective”, “How Loss 10 Pounds of Fat in One Day”, “Residual Carbolic Acid Chronology Tests and How to Ruminate Them: An Alchemist’s Guide to the Universe”.


What do you think??

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