Forever Ruined for the Ordinary: The Adventure of Hearing and Obeying God’s Voice by Joy Dawson – reviewed 1-7-10

On the one hand I found myself very uneasy about some of the ways Joy talks about hearing God & using the Bible to guide her. She talks about God helping her find a pen she lost. While I would never say we can fully know God & His ways, I think we always need to weigh what is important in our lives against His purposes. She also talks about flipping open the Bible to find answers to prayer. Again, I would never deny God the power to work in this way, but I think we need to always read scripture in context. What is that passage really saying (not that it coincidentally matches my current situation)
On the other hand, I found the book to really challenge us to seek God in EVERYTHING and to be in constant prayer. I was convicted about how much I actually TRUST the Lord in ALL I do!


What do you think??

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