God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens – reviewed 5-13-11

An intellectual and well reasoned attack on all religions, Hitchens scholarship is powerful and should knock the breath out any thinking person of faith. Being a Christian myself, however, I feel this book was a good challenge for me; a challenge to put death what I call “stupid Christianity” and re-access what my faith is really about.
If Hitchen’s main point is that “religion poisons everything” then I wholeheartedly agree. Remember, it was the Pharisees that Jesus was hardest on. But if his nearly 300 page tirade is to, by reason, dismantle the human ability to believe in God, then he has attempted the impossible and (at least to a Biblical Christian) thoroughly decimated a straw man. Many more volumes could be written on the evil committed by those calling themselves believers and it would only deepen my view of humanity’s need for a savior.
I suppose I can’t write a book here, but I would love to offer a systematic rebuttal that can ONLY make sense from a paradigm based on a literal translation of the Bible.
I might ad that, ironically Christopher’s brother, Peter is a Christian. I’m curious to read his book The Rage Against God.


What do you think??

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