Going Green – Nov. 9, 2010

I heard this phrase the other day: “Going Green”. I’m pretty sure it was referring to when people become envious. (Or maybe when you yell at the person in front of you at the stop light when they’re on their cell phone?) I have seen some vague references to vegetables & eating healthier, and protecting the environment too. I’m starting to think it’s a new hip term for being conscious about ways to “save the planet”? So watch this phrase in coming years as it will be everywhere, I think.

This got me to thinking: If everyone did their part we could rid the world of this “green house effect”. Greenhouses are places where plants are given an almost perfect environment to flourish & when we get too much CO2 in our skies, this begins to happen. Plants could foreseeably outnumber humans. We may be poisoned by the subsequent outflow of oxygen. Also the plants will probably then evolve beyond our own mental capacity and the next step (probably by the year twenty eleven) will be them RULING US! Damn it.
This cannot happen!


Here are ways to “save” “the” “environment”:

1. Turn the lights off. ALways. We think we need them. We don’t. How do you think people in the 1800’s did things at night. Also, your headlights suck power from the engine. You’ll get better gas mileage w/out them.

2. Do not drive. Or try not to. If you can, coast to work. Burning fuel uses energies from gasses combusted in your internal engine. This makes a vehicular excrement known as CO2 (see above explanation)

3. Don’t waste.See this post.

4. Eat less saturated fats. Eat the plants (especially the ones that seem to be evolving sentience).

13. Disassemble the snowman one “ball” at a time.

6. Reduce: I have no idea what this means.

7. Reuse: When something breaks, fix it, don’t throw it away & buy a new one! Think, every time you chuck something, it’s going to the land fill. Landfills are everywhere & getting bigger. They are filling the land – land that we should be living on & sharing with animals (but not sentient plants).

8. Recycle: you collect your pop cans in a separate bag & then bring them to City Market. They will give you I think 5 cents for every half ton of soda cans you bring in. This is why you see bums collecting cans. It’s money people. Recycle for the money.

Actually, I’ve decided the phrase is really referring to turning green with envy…so disregard everything I just said. Except number 13.


What do you think??

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