In the News this April 2011 Day – April 29, 2011

There’s a little girl that is really big on the radio lately named Justin Beiber. Apparently her agent hasn’t heard of Hosny Mubarak or Molmar Ghadafi because all she sings about is her vast knowledge of love and relationship experience. I propose she write a song about the US’s involvement in UN air-strikes over Libya…you know all Bob Dylan-y.
Or something we should all be concerned about right now: giant tornadoes in the US south surely brought on by a catalyzed “butterfly effect” which began in the 9.0 Japan quakes (and those of course had their roots in Haitian voodoo). Instead, watch, she”ll probably write a gushy song (to later be auto tuned on YouTube) about some royal wedding I heard about last night. Psh.
What are YOU doing about high gas prices?

Oh crap…where’s my birth certificate? How the hell am I going to run for president without my birth certificate?!!!!! Can someone please get me Donald Trump? I know if he can’t find it, he will at least be “proud of himself” for bringing light to the situation….

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