Josh News Update 4-1-2010

Dear friends & family,
I just wanted to catch you up with the news in my life. In January I had an endoscopy performed to diagnose a swallowing problem I have had since childhood. I think a lot of you already knew that and that they found that my esophagus is extremely small (less than 10mm and the normal is like 17mm) I told you this was mainly caused by allergies (Eosinophillic Esophagitis) which is party true. However, it is not caused by a food allergy. What I didn’t tell anyone at the time is what Dr. Prosser found during the endoscopy. He found a strange metal implant in my neck near my esophagus. He said it looks like some sort of surgical implant that looks to be partly embedded in my cervical spine. This may be what has caused my swallowing problems. This thing has been in my neck for who knows how long and what’s creepier is how did it get there? I have always laughed at conspiracy theorists and people who study paranormal activity (UFO’s and aliens and all that) but what happens when something like this shows up in your life?
Dr. Prosser put me on Flovent to swallow to reduce the white blood cell reactions and will see me in a about a week to decide what needs to be done about this. He is every bit as curious as I am and it looks like I may the subject of some intense scientific study. Email or message me if you you want to know more. I will keep you all posted as to what happens.
Attached is the X-Ray showing the implant in my neck.



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