My Ideas – Jan. 29, 2010

*NEW* A T-shirt line for girls called Witty Tittie. On all their their shirts, witty sayings are written across the chest. (SOmetimes I’m glad no one read this blog)

Breed a cow with a coffee plant to get “Already Creamed Coffee”
(Side effects may be coffee flavored beef??)

A genetically modified alarm clock that…that um…(OK I had this bright idea when I woke up one morning and now it doesn’t make any sense)

If you’re too busy to finish that cup of coffee in the morning, don’t dump it out! Leave it on the counter and come back throughout the day for sips of cold coffee!

Have you ever reached for the soap bar off the shower-head rack and dropped it? What if your rack had and extra shelf at the bottom to catch the soap? If the soap landed in there and you tried to grab it again and it slipped out, there could be another shelf below that and so on until it reached the bath faucet. Why didn’t you think of that?

Trees that grow paper. These days we are trying to “go green” and recycle everything and reuse as much as possible. People are always saying “Save a tree, recycle this”. Well, what if paper grew on trees? We would have an ever renewing source! (Later in the future we could breed these trees with other fibers and even genetically engineer them to grow dollar bills on their branches)

Have you ever pumped yeast into your tires? I haven’t. But I would imagine that if you did, the rising property of yeast would causes gasses to release keeping your tires permanently inflated.

Potato chips in the shape of numbers. Then we could literally “crunch the numbers”. This will make mathematicians of us all.


What do you think??

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