New Country – Dec. 16, 2010

Today I heard something really interesting in the news: A new country! Well…I was kind of deep in thought about something (would street cleaners maybe be more beneficial if they used toothpaste?) and so I wasn’t totally listening. But I heard them talking about this new country called Eigh-Yough (well, that’s probably the English spelling)…maybe it’s just EeYoo?. From the sounds of it is VERY VERY near Europe.
Cool, maybe they found a new island on Earth??? How cool would that be? A pure & innocent place in harmony with nature where humans are allowed to be their natural blue color. Well all that will be ruined when the white man comes & bombs the place. White men will foreseeably (in this decade) force them to adopt our government & wear Western Wear. It’s going to make The Country General & Murdoch’s shares sky rocket. (Those are US Companies) which will make the USA come out of it’s repression – a repression that cutting and Prozac couldn’t help. (I still can’t understand why Prozac, Zoloft, etc. aren’t by nature, balancers of the economy – think about it, bad economy, lose job, get depressed, buy Zoloft, economy goes back up!)
I also can’t think of how to end this blog, so I use one of my trick! Switching to a random different subject in the last paragraph: Where are you? This is a trick question, so think bout that.


What do you think??

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