New JWU CD: The Great Cover Up, Review – Jan. 14, 2011

JWU The Great Cover Up
************ (12 out of 9 1/2 stars)
~by Yosh
“Startlingly Pretentious and Delightfully Comatose”

A new album for the veterans see light in the new year. It has been surprisingly nearly almost three years since the insightful team has produced their brand of wittingly profuse nomanclature. The band however have brought us this time, though untimely, a collection cover tunes remarkably a lot like an eighteen wheeler amidst a flowery meadow…16 in all. Michael Jackson and the Clash get the JWU treatment much like a traditional cover album, but there are some very unlikely mosaics here such as Total Eclipse and the formerly well known theme song of the children’s 80’s cartoon “Heathcliff”. Part of the epicity of this release is its exquisite cast of contributors (more than any other album to date)(& too many to list here) (you’ll have to peruse the liner notes). The intentions are here-forth becoming of those with nostalgia who wish to also seize a barragement of eclectic re-portrayals of their inner most rehash-ments of childhood soundtracks that may or probably did produce their current mind state. These “paintings”, as I will take liberty in terming them, are most comparable to a coffee pot which has just percolated its final drop of rich brew into a glass pot – you gotta detach from societal norms in the sense that you let go of perceived inferiority but still keeping a firm grasp on reality with one foot…like such things as the fabric of space in which all matter “sits” or hangs” causing a sort of dimple where time is dilated, slowed down & even stopped.


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