On the origin of species by means of natural selection,: Or, The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life by Charles Darwin – reviewed 1-14-11

As a Creationist I decided it would benefit me to educate myself on the Theory of Evolution & so I went to the source. Although I realize nearly all modern Evolutionists agree Darwinian Evolution is problematic to its core & subscribe to “Neo-Darwinism” & newer updated forms of Evolutionary Theory, I believe the general public is led to believe Darwin is not only relevant but that he is to be regarded the one of the greatest scientists ever known. It’s sad that most people don’t realize the problems with Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, many he admitted & even wrote a chapter on in the book. I was impressed by Darwin’s thorough observations of all different studies of nature and how he was able to address various difficulties & theorize how everything came about by infinitesimally small variations that eventually replaced their progenitors. But a “grave” difficulty he faced then still stands today: where is the actual evidence? As great as his theory was, I just do not see the actual empirical evidence that it really happened.


What do you think??

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