Recipe – April 13, 2010

I thought of a couple good recipes while sitting in traffic today:

Breakfast Slurry
2 Cookies
2 c of milk
1 blueberry muffin
1 c cereal

mix well and enjoy

Castle Roll Casserole

1 helping of Serbian Egg Casserole
1 helping of cheesy potato casserole
3/4 c Lard

Stir helpings together. Bake at 350 for 4 min.

Scorched Earth

5 T crushed Red Peppers
1 minced chipotle pepper
1 c Chili powder
2 T tabasco
1 diced jalapeno
4 minced habanero peppers
5 c cayenne pepper
1 tsp black pepper

Stir together with boiling water. Drink quickly and chase with Vodka (must be Vodka to correlate with “Scorched Earth”)

Weed Terminator

4 qt. used motor oil
1 qt. paint thinner
1 gal. bleach
1 c gasoline
1 T power steering fluid
2 c windex

Mix and shake up. Pour on weeds and rodents. Do not eat!


What do you think??

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