The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis – reviewed 2-11-10

This may well be the most intellectual book I’ve read by CS Lewis yet. It’s safe to say 90% of it went right over my head. Just about every paragraph contained words I had to look up.
I think though, his main point had to do with how an educator’s presuppositions can affect how they teach something seemly simple (like grammar) and they can actually be influencing young kids to better accept the false idea that all truth is subjective.
He also [appears to] touch on morality as observed by all people of all faiths and even no faith. (The person who claims our existence arose by mere chance has no basis to make any kind of value judgments). I need to read this about 5 more times (and learn some Latin) to better understand the book šŸ™‚


What do you think??

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