The “Center Brain” – August 26, 2010

You’ve heard of “right brained” people and “left brained” people. It has been discovered that the left brain is the more logical side thinking in mathematics and concrete concepts while the left brain controls spatial, non-verbal and emotional thought.
In recent years scientists have discovered a small brain within our brains called the Corpus Colosseum. Experiments are revealing that erratic and semi-normal psychopathic behavior comes from this area. Also ultra-sound shows that there is a tiny horse in there running on a treadmill. Exercised cloud-watchers argue the image reveals a unicorn standing on a tortoise. I have seen an MRI of the image and I saw something utterly different. It was a gibbon speaking in Mandarin which I for some reason understood. He played piano and gave me insight into the 5th dimension. The following equation resulted:
a+b5/the root of Potassium Argon x z(moles)to the 5th= the root of the curvature of the space/time continuum.
In other words, if we square it, we have a working equation for finding worm holes in the fabric of time! What a smart gibbon!


What do you think??

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