The End of Reason: A Response to the New Atheists by Ravi Zacharias – reviewed 3-28-11

had friends recommend Ravi & this sounded like a good book to start with. Maybe it was because I just finished CS Lewis’ Present Concerns, but I wasn’t quite as impressed with Zacharias’ writing as I thought I’d be. This letter is written mainly as a response to atheist Sam Harris’ books “Letter to a Christian Nation” & “The End of Faith”& I find his rebuttal to be mostly a good counter, but it seemed a lot of times he would charge Harris with almost straw-man arguments and appeals to emotions which I don’t think are effective to atheists. Some of the things he touched on, I have read more thorough explanations on(i.e. Dr. Jason’s Lisle’s Ultimate Proof of Creation has great detail on why a Godless presupposition leaves you with no ground to stand on when trying to use reason to explain ANYTHING). I do hope Harris had time to read The End of Reason, and I do hope it made it think!


What do you think??

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