Things to Say – Dec. 2, 2010

Here is a collection of “witty” things to say that you can use in your Twitter or Facebook feeds. I give you permission as long as you put a squiggly & then my name after it (~Yosh)

“People keep forgetting the “i” when they talk about MiLK Day. Happy MiLK Day everyone!”

“Rhianna! Your. Name. Is. Rhianna!”

“I’m not going to be aloud near Children’s Ministry tonight…it’s this mustache.”

“I’m just gonna go ahead & toot my own horn: I made a World Record last night at Javeline toss…on Kinect”

“these jeans are right in the waist, but how long? can’t find length anywhere. the brand: Guess. Me: no”

“I want to make your stomach hurt. Not by poison,ya turkey, by makin’ you laugh really hard!”

“Me: “This chick has kind of a nice voice”
Radio: “Justin Beiber with ‘Baby'”
Me: “oh””

“New iPad comes loaded to the max with every App. imaginable. It’s called the Max iPad.”

“More fun than duck duck goose….duct TAPE goose!”


What do you think??

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