Treat the Extra-terrestrials with Equality January 11, 2011

I was in a kitchen or whatever with Wade Yamaguchi. I think we were washing some dishes after some event or party. I was trying to tell him about my new discovery of the Yoshida Brothers but he kind of veered the conversation into (I think) like worship music or something. Our conversation continued but our surrounding sort of became a a small campsite & we were chatting around a fire. I assume Chelsey was there. Caleb Fenske joined our conversation (& I assume Natalie was there). Wade & Caleb were sitting on chairs & I was down on a mat under a blanket. I guess the blanket was Caleb’s because he pulled it off me. I sat up on the mat & I had my Nalgene bottle with water next to me. All the sudden these 3 kids I didn’t recognize came running up to me (the oldest about 9?) and they were really excited and saying “HIIIII!” “Hiiii Josh!!!” They were kind of ugly & I think they had autism or something…. They kicked some dirt into my Nalgene which led them to start intentionally putting dirt in it. I was really annoyed & got up to get away from them but one or 2 of them grabbed my ankles & wouldn’t let me go. I kind of fell to my hands. I thought, ‘these stupid kids, I’m going to hurt them by stepping on them’. I tried to free my legs & was surprised how strong they were. Finally I was able to sort of roll out of their grasp to the other side of where Wade & Caleb were sitting. Then another dude jumped on my back. At first I thought it was like a little 5 or 6 year old kid & reached behind me & grabbed him & “grounded him”. When I saw him I was not surprised at all, but “he” was this weird little black, shiny skinned alien with an oblong head and four to six 3 or 3 & half foot long spindly legs. As I looked at him on the ground I remember thinking how weird it was that this “guy” didn’t surprise me at all & totally seemed like just another kid.

Then our location sort of turned back into like a living room/kitchen area & Mary Kate Wise (also assuming Dustin was there in my peripheral) came out & told all of us to head out to the deck/patio & they were going to show a video (probably a Light Gives Heat heat movie/teaser). The first “person” out the door was the little alien guy. Then we realized it was really cold outside & Mary Kate decided we shouldn’t go outside. So the little guy came running back in. 


What do you think??

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