Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving the Origins Debate by Jason Dr. Lisle – reviewed 5-27-10

Over the past few years I have noticed something happening in the Creation/Evolution debate: it’s going nowhere! In my opinion the evidence for Creation is overwhelming, so why don’t we intelligent, thinking scientists accepting Creation by the boat load?
Dr. Jason Lisle (an astrophysicist) uncovers the reason by showing us that is a battle of world views determined by presuppositions as to whether we choose to believe in God or not.
He also does an excellent job exposing the fact that all rationality and logic cannot happen in a universe ruled by chance.
My only dislikes of the book are that some parts seem to redundant (but he said that was on purpose) and that many times he draws the conclusion that we must have a Biblical worldview as a precondition of intelligibility (which I agree with) without quite leading the reader there all the way.


What do you think??

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