Velvet Elvis Repainting the Christian Faith by Rob Bell – reviewed 12-21-09

Anytime anyone says something to the effect of “Repainting” the Christian faith beware. While traditions and such always need to be examined and styles need to be updated, the truth of the Word of God needs no updating or changing. I found Bell’s book to have some good ideas and some line of thought I agreed with. However, in a very subtle way he (unintentionally?) undermines the Christian faith he claims to have. He asks questions like “Does it matter if things like the virgin birth are facts?” Yes it matters. At times I feel like Rob tip-toes on the boundary of agnosticism. He says stuff like God is bigger than religions, including Christianity. To make a statement like this is to say that Christianity is just another religion (if it is, then I agree, however Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with the Creator of the universe who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ and in scripture) Anyway, I’m rambling.


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