Waste – July 10, 2009

For centuries now we have referred to our excrement as “waste”. With this mentality, just think of how much is wasted. When we use the bathroom, we waste 1. Time 2. Water 3. Toilet Paper and most of all 4. Excrement (Urine & Feces)
If we are conscious about this we save Time, save Water, save Toilet Paper and most of all save Excrement.
This is a gross post I know, but we need to raise awareness, even when it’s not tasteful.
How can we not waste time in bathroom? Well, when you’re going #2, read a book. This way you using valuable time to learn. Also eat lots of fiber so the process moves along quickly. When going number 1, you don’t really have time to read, so just make it as efficient as possible. Zip your pants down as you are closing the door and turning the light on. Invent new technologies while urinating.
How can we not waste water in the bathroom? Well, a brick in the toilet or saving pee (which is gross) Be efficient and use that water as much as possible before you flush. Maybe, (if you’re brave) you can drink some, brush your teeth and wash up in the clean water. Then do your business and finally flush.
How can we save toilet paper? Use one square, both sides and buy thestuff that is so thin you can see through it.
How can we not waste excrement? I have been trying to figure this one out. I noticed we waste a LOT of urine many times a day (especially if you’re a coffee drinker like me) Why can’t collect all our urine in one big tank and use it to power a hydroelectric generator (I guess it would be Urinelectric)? Free power.
Feces, is grosser and more difficult not to waste. Some people have learned how to burn it or something to make it into fuel. I’m just too grossed out by it to really want to look at it or smell it. So I’ll let someone else figure it out. It probably would be too hard to put it all into a rocket and launch it into outter space.
Maybe there’s a way to degrossify it? Someone should figure that out. Gosh I hate poop.


What do you think??

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