What Darwin Didn’t Know by Geoffrey S Simmons – reviewed 2-21-11

Simmons gives an awe inspiring in depth look at the human body & all its systems from an MD’s point of view (reminiscent of Paul Brand’s Fearfully & Wonderfully Made). When faced with the question of whether all life evolved by accident, Simmons reminds us that the question must be taken right down to the cellular level (an almost completely unknown realm in Darwin’s day) and applied to every functioning organ & system in the body.
As far as the Creation/Evolution debate goes, I’ve read more convincing books for Creation, but Simmons biggest case which he returns to in almost every chapter, WPP (Whole Package Phenomenon), seems to me to be wholly unanswered by Darwin and really any Evolutionist I have conversed with. The final chapter in this book is the most powerful.


What do you think??

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