Wigi Leanks – Dec. 9, 2010

(I had to change the spelling to the way I had accidentally been mispronouncing it so the government won’t flag me)

Wiki Links make me really nervous because this is our country’s national security at steak. SOme basturd is taking our secrets and posting them all over the internet. I wonder how he would like it if we posted his diary all over the internet, including his plans to put a bomb in his neighbor’s garbage disposal?

One thing that worries me is if there is info about me in his Wigi Leaks? I am kind of important to national security in secret ways I can’t tell you. Like for instance, I have a lot of really good ideas that I write down (some on this blog) and if he stole my ideas, I am gonna be really pissed. Julian Assange I have something for you. *digs around in pocket* Tadahhh! (My middle finger).

Other ideas I have formulated include:
Jet propulsion by magnetic imagery
Water powered generators
Internal combustion “engines” for searching purposes
A cotton gin
The electronic typewriter
A clothes washing machine
Radioactive horse kennel slideshow McTwist rubber basket case transfer
Detailed maps of the Rice Krispy’s involvment in thermonuclear international peace treaties

So watch out Julian (that sounds like a chick’s name anyway), I may or MAY not have planted a nest of mice with Haunta-virus somewhere in your bedroom (but don’t look behind your dresser).


What do you think??

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