Your Minde: A Repository of “Things” – April 2, 2010

There are things in your head waiting dormant until you call on them to be produced by way of speech, electronic typewriter, musical instrument or artiste’s medium. In order to prove to you what I mean I will produce for you a list “things” that come from none other than my mind.
Bull (The male cow)
Car battery
Cat lice
Rose (and/or lilies)
Macbeth (the play, not the planet)
Black jelly beans
Rice pudding
Wrench (16mm)
A red button

Now I ask you, where did these items come from? Not one of them was triggered by a direct and recent experience. However, they lie dormant, put there years ago upon my first contact with them.
So next time, think about what is in your mind and how might you use it. I like drawing and painting and so I think I will draw a bull with a wrench eating a bowl of rice pudding.

PS I’m not British, but if you read this in an English accent it sounds more proper and scientific. Thank you..


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