From Darwin to Design by C. L. Cagan With Robert Hymers – reviewed 7-27-11

I agree with Cagan’s overall points and enjoyed his correlation between Chaos Theory and God’s sovereignty with freewill. But I was disappointed with several things in this book: 1). The title is misleading, this book has nothing to do with Darwin at all and barely makes the implied connection. 2.)His writing seems more like it would help a Christian think through things rather than lead a non-believer to faith because of a lack of any deep science- at the beginning he talks about what a mathematician he is and I hoped to see some complex equations, etc. 3.)Early on Cagan states that he basically wrote this at a middle school level so kids could understand it. This is disappointing to me and made the book boring & barely presented anything I haven’t heard before. Cagan also repeats himself a lot. I hope Cagan’s next book doesn’t “hold out” for the kids & unleashes his mathematical knowledge in relation to the Creation movement!


What do you think??

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