Love Wins by Rob Bell – reviewed 10-19-11

Rob Bell seems to think that if we just rounded off some of the sharp edges of Christianity then everyone would like Christians/Christianity. One of Christianity’s “sharpest edges” is its claim as the only way which seems to say ‘some are in & some are out’. And out traditionally means Hell. If somehow “Hell”, the most off-putting word in all of Christianity, were maybe sort of redefined, if we could just maybe look at some verses just right, then maybe we could make it go away.
If this book is changing how you’ve previously viewed hell, here’s why I think it is dangerous: for God to be perfectly Just, there must be atonement for evil. For Christ’s death & resurrection to mean anything, He had to be saving us from a real and completely unavoidable payment for our own sins. God did this for us because He loves us which a two way relationship & for true love to exist, we must be free to choose our own way over God’s. In a nutshell, these are my feelings about the book. As far as the nature of hell and eternity, I have a lot more to say outside the scope of this review.


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