The Girls Are Losing Their Long War Against Video Games ~ 3-23-12

I watched Lana Del Rey sing in a mesmerized voice sing “Video Games” and I wonder how many girls are warming up to her sentiments. I’ve watched, over the last 15 years, videos games went from things little kids & nerds with no life play to 99% of all guys. For some reason I am part of the 1% or whatever of guys who are not hypnotized by the power of video games. When I was a kid I was a bit crazy about Super Mario Brothers, but by the time I was in high school I just didn’t care anymore. Throughout college I observed all my friends getting more & more into video games and simultaneously watched their girlfriends become more & more annoyed with them. I started to wonder how my guy friends could even keep girlfriends when they continuously ignored them to play video games. But in the end I would be proven to be the “crazy” one as their girlfriends turned into fiances and then into wives. 10 years later, I’m still without a wife and all these guys are driving their wives insane by staying up late into the night playing Xbox.

And now, if girls are of the same mind as Lana, they are starting to quietly give up their war against video games. Instead of begging their boyfriends & husbands to pay attention to them instead of the Playstation, they are showing their devotion by accepting & even starting to play themselves. Most guys are probably stoked by this, but I stand alone in being saddened by it. While i think video games are fine the same way as watching TV, I think play should be limited (like TV watching), especially when the wife or girlfriend is clearly annoyed by it. If any guys read this I will be tarred and feathered, but whatever and who cares? My own distaste and objection is too small to make a difference, I just needed to write this out…


2 thoughts on “The Girls Are Losing Their Long War Against Video Games ~ 3-23-12

  1. Thank goodness you are one of the guys that hasn’t be hypnotized by them! In my house, video game and TV time are very limited. I’ve always been against video games for multiple reasons. When my daughter is allowed to play, I make sure that she has appropriate games. Thankfully she would rather read, draw or play outside. I am saddened as well that women seem to be giving up the fight on video games. Addiction comes in many forms, and unfortunately a lot of men in this day and age are addicted to video games.


  2. I am all for limiting playing. That is until the games become avatars for our whole lives that we direct from a control chair and never leave the house. In that case- you should be very devoted to Big Brother.


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