The Love Hinge, Good Friday 4-6-12

The Omnipotent One pushed open a pocket in infinity and made the finite. The Great Scientist did two unfathomable things: 1) he built a machine that could grow and reproduce 2) he wrote operating instructions for his machine in the form of a poem. One line of code in the program had to remain a variable, a variable left up to the machine itself so that the Creator could achieve the most amazing feat of all. This one variable transformed the machine into something else…..a being. The variable he called Free Will and this gave his being the ultimate ability…Love.

The Omniscient One proceeded to demonstrate his great knowing & great power to his created being through his other inventions: earth, tree, sky, water, animal, etc. He even wrote Eternity on the being’s heart. He told his beings that the wrong variable in the equation would be detrimental and there would be severe consequences.

The beings multiplied and sadly one by one each one filled the variable in the code with their own idea of what completed the equation. And thus all the inventions began to malfunction; indeed every machine broke.

The Great Maker’s story was passed from one being to its progeny. As time passed, each and every being chose their own idea of how to complete the code equation and all of the Maker’s creations corroded, deformed, mutated and wilted.

The Loving one watched as his efforts to coerce them went ignored. Sadness filled his heart, a tear rolled down his cheek and an idea sprouted from his eternal mind. He loved his beings so much, he would pay the great consequence for them and undo the corrosion.

For his plan to succeed, the Omnipresent One would need to enter the finite pocket he had made and become one of his beings. He would need to have the opportunity to choose the variable in the code and then choose correctly. He would then need to face the consequence waiting for his beings and take it upon himself, for them.

Thus began his mission. He came into his invention as one of the machine beings. He chose the right variable at every choice. He lived a life just like his beings that he loved so much. He experienced their pain, their joy, their sorrow, their laughter. Then at just the right time, he began giving them instructions to help them choose right. He poured out his love for them, knowing that he was going to suffer detrimental consequences for all of them.

Then when just the right time came one Friday, he walked upon a hill that looked like a skull. He looked upon his beings with great compassion & forgiveness and then let his Being body be decoded and disassembled. His mission was accomplished and none of his beings would ever have to face their great consequence. It is finished.


What do you think??

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