Got your attention, didn’t I? Well, don’t worry this isn’t really a “bait & switch” blog post. It really is about boobs – just not in a low-brow/frat boy humor sort of way. I just thought a more fitting title would cause people to lose interest before even reading: A Treatise on the Mental Constructs Under-girding My Opposition to Unnecessary Cosmetic Surgery  or Why I Hate Fake Boobs.

I tend to use strong language and I don’t mince my words on this type of thing and the reason is I wish I could be influential. If you know me me, I don’t come to conclusions on subjects lightly. I want to be well informed, reasoned & rooted before I make an assertation on a subject. In other words, my stance on this subject is based on a lot more than just shallow feelings, therefore I desire to change your mind on the subject (if you disagree). Otherwise its “to-MAY-toe/to-MAH-toe” and who really cares?

I’m sure the reasons for a woman getting breast implants can be varied. Among them is, to me, a very legitimate reason: to replace breasts removed due to cancer. This reasoning is hereby deemed outside of my argument. The remaining reasons can probably summed up in either “For Herself”, “For Her Man” or both. I would argue that if you follow the thought path of the first, it eventually melds with the second: “I want them to make me feel better about myself” is derived from “I feel better about myself when I feel attractive” is derived from “I feel attractive when I feel like he’s attracted to me”. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt many women are going though this expensive & possibly dangerous surgery as a pure selflessness gift to their man (in so, not having any desire for them herself).

The “For Herself to Feel More Attractive” argument is where I believe most women will fall in (I also base this off of a recent discussion with some women I know). It’s perfectly understandable that a woman sees her breasts as point of attraction: it’s a fact that the vast majority of men are attracted to them. God created this desire in men but like all of God’s created pleasures, man idolizes them, seeks too much self gratification in them. This is where the goodness in these things starts to fall apart.

Morally the responsibility for this idolization rests on the man. It’s our fault for lusting over the physical appearance of women since the beginning of time that has women drowning in self-doubt and destroyed by their self perception. Because of men’s visual nature, women have ended up in a difficult place. (The other side is true for men too, but that’s “a whole ‘nother can of worms”). The more experienced women know to get a man’s attention they need to show some skin, and further to give him some “action”. Is this right? No. But its true and its the inner-workings of a proper* marriage relationship gone awry.

Once again I find myself blind folded on the plank with a sword at my back. The sword is wielded by the Men of the world & I’m walking the plank for treason. I have told women to cover up their bodies while surrounded by my “comrades” whistling & yelling for her to “take it off!” Trust me, dudes, I want to see her too…you have no idea. But I also see a right “Way”; the Way God intended it which is a wholesome view of the woman including her mind, her personality, who she is. I think most women, especially younger girls, have no idea how the physical can short circuit a guy’s brain. Even the most innocent nice guy will “think with wrong head” from time to time. This is our fault, & a real man will own up to his part in this. But girls, ladies, women…you can help us. Don’t pander to our lustful nature! Before you consider a career in modeling, or anything that will use your body to sell anything, realize that you’re helping to feed the monster of lust in men.

The way I see fake boobs, is that it is feeding your man’s lust, helping him to keep looking at your chest when you really want him looking into your eyes (right???). It’s also a “duct tape” solution to the problem of entropy in creation set into motion at the fall of man. As sad as it is, our entire bodies are falling apart. We’re wrinkling, graying, weakening everyday. You can slop a new coat of paint on the house, but the structure is rotting on the inside. I think there are legitimate ways to keep up your “house”. Diet & exercise combined with discipline, to me are far more attractive than clothes & makeup and that reflects an inner attitude that helps me be attracted to who she is as well.

Other strikes against the silicone include the cost of the surgery. While I know I could help much more monetarily around the world, it simply blows my mind that people are dying of starvation in the horn of Africa while American women having boob jobs costing what could feed them for years. Having had neck surgery as well as watch my parents become buried in medical bills from my mom’s lifetime of cancer, I find it very difficult to swallow that people are choosing to have an OPTIONAL surgery with the ensuing bills. Really?

Another downside is the danger. Maybe I could do more research, maybe I’m misinformed or going off old data, but doesn’t silicone in your chest help cause cancer? Isn’t there a high danger of the silicone leaking and poisoning you? I don’t know, even if I’m wrong about that, if I were a woman I would rather not risk the dangers.

Lastly, every fake boob job I have known about is fairly obvious. Fake boobs look different, and I will always prefer small real boobs to large fake ones. Maybe this is just my own opinion, but it’s the truth. Fake boobs are unnaturally perky and hang differently. I have never felt them, but I’m told you can feel the hardness of the silicone in them too *gag*. Don’t forget, the feel is as or more important than the look!

Dear female friends ever considering a boob job:

“3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.” ~1 Peter 3:3
I don’t think this verse is against “braided hair & jewelry”, just realizing your beauty is more about who you are.

Dear female friends who have already had a boob job:

Please don’t feel like I’m judging you. I’m sure you’ve done lots of other things I disagree with too! HAHA! Same with me, I’m sure I’ve done things you are very much against, haha. None of this in no way determines how I feel about our friendship, please know that!

OK I’m shutting up before I get tarred & feathered by men & women alike 😦


*proper marriage relationship as defined by God in the Bible & demonstrated in real life


3 thoughts on “Boobies!

  1. Hey Josh, I think this is a well written article but I have to play the devil’s advocate here. Women do a variety of things to get noticed by men and women. I could say the same about men. Some of them are permanent(tatoos, hair removal, etc.) and some aren’t(hair styled, nails done, padded bras, etc.) Men like to get attention also using a variety of methods: nice cars and motorcycles, tatoos, hair style, clothing, hair plugs, tanning, weight lifting, etc. The point is, who doesn’t like to look good and be noticed? It just so happens that women with augmentation are concerned with that particular body part for whatever reason. Who are we to say they should be concerned with all other parts except that one?

    My dad tried unsuccessfully to convince his teenaged nephew to cut his long hair. In the 80’s it was a sign of rebellion. He kept refusing. Soon thereafter God showed my dad that there was no rebellion in his long hair. He liked it long for the same reason my dad liked his short.

    If a woman’s desire is to get the attention of men by using her breasts, I believe that is a mistake. Otherwise I see nothing wrong with getting them done. Have you ever seen or known someone who had fake boobs but you never realized it until she told you? There are many people out there who have fake ones and you’d never know it because they don’t look fake and they don’t get them to show them off. The newer silicone isn’t dangerous. Women with implants are actually more likely to detect breast cancer than others. There is no proof that cancer appears more often in women with implants. It doesn’t leak if ruptured. It is a gel. It is also very natural and not “hard” as you assume(actually the outdated saline ones are). Have you ever felt a woman’s breasts? You shouldn’t believe all the rumors.

    Lastly, you claim that it’s sad that women would choose to spend money on something as frivolous as fake boobs. Who are you to decide what is frivolous and what isn’t? Everyone has a standard of what’s frivolous. I feel that a gym membership is a waste of money and yet millions of men and women spend hundreds each year, thousands over a lifetime to be a member of something in which the sole purpose is to change the physical appearance of oneself. Is that hypocritical? What about nice vehicles? Should we all drive cheap ones because there are children starving in Africa? What about all the other things we spend money on that really start to add up such as eating out, vacations, etc? We choose to spend money on these things too when we could send that money to hungry kids. God gives wealth. He made Solomon wealthy. He didn’t expect Solomon to live like the peasants. Solomon lived in luxury at God’s hand. We are a nation of wealth. Don’t compare apples to oranges.

    All in all, I get your heart, what you are trying to say here. Women: don’t let your physical appearance become your god. Let your inward woman be what you adorn, seeking to glorify God in all you do. And men, don’t become enslaved by the lust of the flesh. It’s a good lesson to remember. Thanks for keeping it real. You are a good writer. Keep it coming!


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