Proverbs of Josh 2012

3-9-12 How often we make a sloppy bed & then whine when we have to lie in it. If we’d just listen to wisdom in the first place

3-20-12 Because I’m a mess & can’t tell right from wrong, I seek wisdom & discipline. I’m so far from it, but it’s what I aim for.

3-23-12 “Prudence” seems to have a negative stigma, but it is a virtue to be sought after.

3-29-12 Get not your precepts from Dove chocolates

4-12-12 One minute I’m offended because someone younger than me sees no value in what I’ve learned in life yet why don’t I respect the knowledge & wisdom of people older than me?

4-27-12 A million little good things can blind you to one great thing.

If we seek wisdom in our youth, we might actually have some when we’re older.


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