The Puppy Room

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


Have you heard of this new thing going on? You have now! It’s catching on from what I hear. I just sort of perused that article but from what I gather a school will have a designated room full of puppies. I imagine that puppies will need to pass a certain aptitude test to qualify. This would obviously include:

• age (probably not more than a few months old)

• softness

• niceness

• cuddle-ability

• cuteness

Puppies will need to be happy and lovable. I guess one just enters the room and sort of “dives in” to the “pool” of puppies? I presume there will then be puppies licking & nuzzling people? There will probably need to be rules as to how deep the puppies can be piled? Rules about not taking the puppies with you when you leave?

Well on any account the idea sounds…uh…soft?


What do you think??

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