More Proverbs of Josh


• Decrease your enemies, my son, and decrease your battles.

• Be not overly proud of your youth, for the joke is not on your elders, but your future self.


Always surprise someone in their favor.
For example: If you have an unknown amount of money you esitmate to be around $20 in your pocket to give to Bob, tell Bob you think you have about $15 to give him. If your estimate was correct, Bob will be pleasantly surprised to find he has $5 more than what you said. If you overestimated, Bob gets about what he thought was coming to him. If you underestimated, then Bob gets a lot more than he expected.

Classiness is King
We never boo our opponent. We show as much concern for an injured player on their team as we would on our team; NEVER cheer for an injured opponent.
We thank our waiter/waitress for everything they do for us, tip at least 20% and give them the benefit of the doubt when there are problems.


What do you think??

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