My Kidneys: Evidence 1-14-13

My kidneys are vital to my survival and they’re just this operating system constantly running in the background. Francis Chan made me think of that in his book Crazy Love, though his point was about taking kidneys for granted. However, this sparked a train of thought in my mind…just thinking about these organs and how they are situated perfectly among a bunch of other vital organs. They’re all plugged into the main system and functioning together and keeping me alive with me even having to think about them. Weird. Like, alien weird. Where did they come from? And there’s this strange repetition…thousands, millions….BILLIONS of other people have them too and they’re for the most part the same shape & size and placement in the body. Who engineered them? Who designed how they work and then made it part of a system that reproduces itself??

Something had to give that to me…No…not thing…it can’t be a “thing”. “Thing” implies something with less intelligence…or less sentience than me. I know this is what is supposed to have happened in evolution. Though it’s taken millions of years, the “thing” of evolution is supposed to have been what put all these organs together. I just cannot accept that. I don’t believe it (and not just a matter of principle; that’s another thought altogether). I can’t believe it the same as I can’t believe in someone lifting the chair they’re sitting in off the ground, unaided. It doesn’t logically compute. Sure there is the idea that with enough time, and with enough accidents that certain things can sort of form, I guess. To an extent I sort of…maybe buy that. But this functioning system, this body I find myself in had to be given to me by something….someONE who is far more intelligent, far more knowing and far more powerful than me or even the most capable human being to ever live. It had to be a someONE, not a someTHING.

Like an anatomy model, I imagine a somewhat gruesome cross section of my body with all the internal organs visible. I imagine myself outside of my body, outside of the human race. I’m studying this “discovery”: the human body. I’m observing the multitude of these functioning systems. One forming itself over eons is enough to thoroughly blow my mind but the fact that these things reproduce themselves…this to me is more evidence of a builder, an engineer, a maker than finding a handwritten letter and assuming someone wrote it.

In this blog post I am not arguing for religion, not for Christianity. I’m not asking you to take sides in a Creation vs. Evolution debate. I’m just letting you follow my little train of thought; seeing one of the many ways I arrive at belief in a creator. I cannot see it any other way. From here there are many more debates. From here you can start talking about the philosophies of a higher power and maybe religions or whatever. But up to the point of  arriving at the realization I was made by a higher power, I simply cannot believe in the other option: self creation.


What do you think??

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