The Ball and the Cross by G.K. Chesterton _reviewed 4-8-13

Not knowing what this book was about I picked up because I read Chesterton’s “Orthodoxy” and loved it. The introduction told me it was basically the fiction account of the fight between a Christian and and atheist and so I expecting it to be largely a debate between the two. Instead you are lead on the continuous journey of the two men who are trying literally duel it out with swords.
Chesterton’s writing is magnetizing and draws you in with a zig-zag and circle-around approach to describing a situation. He often begins a chapter by re-describing a character from a different approach leaving the reveal for several sentences in.
The story is very unpredictable and the scenes are rich and luscious, and I would suggest ready for the cinema.An entertaining and thought-proving read!


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