Jesus’ Forcefield (refurbished blog from MySpace 8-29-06)

So Jesus was preaching to all these Jews and at this point these Jews had plotted to kill him. He had avoided them earlier but here he was right where they could get Him. Yet they didn’t – at first His words were so profound and perplexing that they stood there, jaws dropped, listening. Some of them were like “He MUST be the Christ,” and others were like “What a freak-I think he’s demon-possessed,” And then when He was done they tried to seize Him, but no one laid a hand on Him because His time had not yet come. What happened there? Why couldn’t they seize Him? They TRIED! I wonder if there was a force-field around Him. I wonder if they reached out to grab him and found some strong magnetic field diverting their hand AWAY from Him. Or maybe Jesus suddenly mixed into the crowd and they couldn’t recognize Him among all the other bearded, robed, sandal footed guys? Whatever it was, Jesus got away because He was on a mission He wasn’t done with yet. Jesus is so fricken’ cool. He’s so cunning and wise and…and slippery. Don’t try to catch Him unless it’s His plan to be caught! Ha ha.


What do you think??

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