Stirred by the Realization of Reality (refurbished blog from MySpace 12-2-06)

Category: Religion and Philosophy

A beam of light shot down and illuminated the baby’s face. No ordinary baby – I watched the movie screen holding my breath – this was the birth of Jesus Christ. Suddenly, on my mind’s movie screen, in less than a second the tragedy of our fallen world flickered in a thousand snapshots. Our own sins eating at us, tearing us apart, killing, decaying, murdering, raping, rotting. Mary lifted the baby up to Joseph and my eyes welled up – this little guy born in such humility would be the Messiah, the Saviour of the world. The wise men gave their gifts and the shepherd reached out to touch Him because Almighty God incarnate was right there in front of them and they knew, they KNEW this was the King of Kings. I’m shocked at how blind I am to this reality. I grew up in church, hearing this story a million times – and still belief doesn’t come easy. This baby (whether you believe he was the son of God or just a great leader) has left His mark on the world forever. Walk down a street and see the steeple of a 19th century church and remember, it was because of this baby. Listen to “Silent Night” every year-it was because of that baby. Open a drawer in any hotel room and read this story. Mention the middle eastern cities of Bethlehem, Jerusalem or Nazareth and who do you think of? Crucifixes will bring to mind Jesus before you will think of “Roman torturous execution”. And here’s the kicker-God sent His Son to be born in a manger. What humility. Jesus – the KING OF KINGS. He wasn’t all about the bling. Christ was an amazing person, born from a virgin, working as a carpenter and then letting Himself be crucified. That’s the dude I want to be my King.


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