The Faith (refurbished blog from MySpace 3-20-05)

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Today was my first experience at a Catholic Church. I’ve never really thought about it much-the differences between Protestant & Catholic. I grew up Southern Baptist and have been going to non-denominational churches since I started college. Yesterday Lawrence and I were discussing the differences. Growing up I guess I have always had a negative feeling about Catholicism. I guess I need to learn more about it before judging that way though. Thus my visit to the Immaculate Heart of Mary today. It was interesting. The rituals are about what I expected from what the movies have taught me. I sort of have this feeling that the body of Christ is diverse and there are reasons and uses He has for different sects and denominations. There is a line though. There is a point when you’re not a Christian anymore. I believe that is when you don’t believe in the deity of Christ. But that causes a huge argument with some people (The Way International/Jehovah’s Witnesses) Well, that’s my thought for the day.

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