The Key to This Whole Story (refurbished blog from MySpace 8-22-06)

For a second a hazy cloud around my head was parted and things grew clear. I don’t know why, because I should always expect huge things to happen when God is involved, but it takes my breath away for a minute. When all the sudden you see the puzzle pieces fitting together. There is one Creator, with one plan. Nothing is accident. On a normal day you give such little thought to the Old Testament and if you do you’d proabably prefer to think about something else. It’s hard to make sense of it-but then there’s a moment like last night when all the sudden it’s so clear. There is no dispute there was a man named Jesus who preached around 2000 years ago-but there is a dispute as to whether He is God or not. If you simply ready his words “Eat of my flesh and drink my blood,” you may think that is weird and doesn’t make sense. But when we see how it fits in like a small, well timed, perfectly worded phrase in puzzle that is all of history….wow. You see, when Jesus said that, it was almost Passover feast-a time when Jews remembered being spared from the death angel in Egypt. On that night they took the blood of sacrifice and painted it on their doors showing their faith. The blood of sacrifice. Wow, Jesus was laying it out, not right before their eyes, but even closer. Let your eyes focus in on that, it’s even more clear than if He just said “I am the sacrifice.” It like he calmly and quietly DISPLAYED that he was everything. I don’t know that was just amazing…


What do you think??

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