Your Hope Will Not be Cut Off (refurbished blog from MySpace 7-2-06)

The Word of God is sharper than any double edged swoard, able to divide soul and spirit… let that sink in for a minute….

That’s why, even though I have read through the entire Bible, I can still be completely surprised by the stuff that is in there. And one verse can be so profound-when nothing in life, no conversation, no trauma, no change in life can get my attention-but one verse can rock my world like getting punched in the face. Why don’t I spend more time in the Word? I don’t know…there are so many distractions in life and when you’re away, a good trick the enemy has is to diminish the potency of scripture in your mind. When I come back to the Word of Life, it is then more than ever I realize my mind is being fought over.

Today I stood on the side of a mountain above a small beaver pond overlooking a gorgeous sunset over a mountain range and these words from Psalms echoed through my mind:

Do not let your heart envy sinners,

but always be zealous for the fear of the LORD.

There is surely a future hope for you,

and your hope will not be cut off.

I wish I could explain the magnitude in which this verse impacted me. It’s like I have been boiling inside because of all these issues in my head and at the forefront of them was an envy for some things that I have really felt like an outsider for-but when I look at it, most of the pressure on me is due to sin around me and so really I have been in envy of their sin. So I’m like “God, how can I possibly let this go?” and then He was like “Your hope will not be cut off” So even though I’m still where I was and there appears to be no way out right now, I have hope….


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